General Transcription

Leave it to the transcription experts!

Rather then listen to the recordings over and over, receive a document that makes analysis and future planning easier and much more effective.

“What was it that Joey said in that meeting?  It was a great idea but I can’t remember what it was!”

MJ Transcriptions can transcribe anything including:

  • Strategy and Planning Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Speeches and Public Presentations
  • Congressional Hearings
  • Virtually anything you can capture on audio

MJ Transcriptions makes the process easy so you can get back to the work that is most important to you. Just complete the appropriate Job Information Sheet (see below) and then email, mail, or upload your file (in any format) to MJ Transcriptions and you’ll receive your transcript back in the specified format of your choice.

Benefits of having your business events transcribed:

  • No more repeatedly listening to recordings
  • No need to have a designated note taker, allowing everyone to engage in meeting
  • Typed transcript allows for easier analysis of what was said
  • Always have a record of those great ideas or assigned tasks
  • Cut and paste for report writing