Academic Transcription

Transcription Services that Make the Grade.

No more listening to the recordings over and over. Instead, receive a document that makes analysis and organization of your research much easier and more effective.

MJ Transcriptions can transcribe anything including:

  • Research Interviews
  • Faculty and Department Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Lectures and Public Presentations
  • Virtually anything you can capture on audio

MJ Transcriptions makes the process easy and allows you to focus on what is important. Simply, complete the appropriate Job Information Sheet (see below) and then email, mail, or upload your file (in any format) to MJ Transcriptions and you’ll receive your transcript back in the specified format of your choice by our agreed upon deadline.

Benefits of having your academic recordings transcribed:

  • No more repeatedly listening to recordings
  • Typed transcript allows for easier analysis
  • Always have a record of those great ideas
  • Cut and paste for writing in future papers