Legal Transcription

Don’t get caught with an empty briefcase.

Be sure to have the best, most accurate transcriptions in time for your next hearing. MJ Transcriptions (a CPCS Vendor) has been a trusted name in the world of transcriptions with years of experience serving the legal profession.

Simple and Reliable
MJ Transcriptions is committed to making the process easy. Simply, complete the appropriate Case Information Sheet (see below) and then email, mail, or upload your file (in any format) to MJ Transcriptions and you’ll receive your transcript back in the specified format of your choice by our agreed upon deadline.

Have any type of audio or video recorded proceeding transcribed:

  • Jury Trials
  • Motion Hearings
  • Courtroom Proceedings
  • Police Interviews
  • Phone Calls and Messages
  • 911 Calls
  • Turret Tapes
  • and many more!

How to request a transcript:

  1. Download and complete our Legal Case Information Sheet
  2. Email us the case information sheet so we can confirm our availability:
  3. Send us the audio/video electronically (via google drive or dropbox) or drop it in the mail.  We are happy to walk you through how to send the audio electronically.  Just give us a call!